The Minyan: Jews With Disabilities

I was featured as a part of this panel edited by Abigail Pogrebin. This piece shares the experiences of a diverse cross-section of the Jewish disability community in its wonderfully diverse complexity. The Minyan: Jews With Disabilities

Creating Sacred Communities For The Whole of Israel: A Yom Kippur Drash


Creating Communities For the Whole Of Israel: A Dvar Torah for Yom Kippur

Spiritual Response to Roe V. Wade

This teaching appeared on the Inside Out Wisdom and Action (IOWA) blog. Spiritual Response To Roe V Wade

Starting From the Same Beginner’s Mind

Rabbi Lauren Tuchman sits at a table and studies from a Braille Talmud

This teaching appeared as part of Hot Off The Shtender, a series of teachings from SVARA fellows. Starting From The Same Beginner's Mind

Behar 5782

Parashat Behar, our Torah reading for this week, introduces us to the Shmita year. Every seven years, Leviticus/Vayikra instructs us that the land must lie fallow—no agricultural or food production is permitted and there are a number of other restrictions put into place in addition. As it so happens, 5782 is a shmita year. For those of us living in...[ read more ]

Pesach 5782 On The Seder As A Living Experience

On seder night, we embark on a holy commemorative journey through the Haggadah as we move spiritually and temporally from degradation to praise. We do not merely recount by rote our journey out of Mitzrayim, out of the narrowness to a wide expanse, but we engage in holy reenactment of the experience. In Mishnah Pesachim 10:5, it is taught that...[ read more ]

Finding My Possibility Model

A version of the below piece originally appeared as part of Hot Off The Shtender, a series of reflection pieces from SVARA.   It is hard, nay impossible, to adequately capture the feelings that came over me when I learned about the passing of a dear friend: the fierce and unapologetic activist for disability justice and lover of Torah, Sheryl...[ read more ]

Shabbat HaChodesh 5782

I wish to dedicate this dvar Torah to the memory of Sheryl Grossman. Her love of Torah and her steadfast, unapologetic commitment to justice for people with disabilities will remain with me always. She taught me that one could both be a lover of Torah and a fighter for justice for those most marginalized. Her legacy will continue. One of...[ read more ]

On The Lessons We Can Learn from Queens Esther and Vashti: Purim 5782

Purim is a holiday filled with paradox. It is simultaneously the happiest festival on the Jewish calendar and a day on which we reckon with all of the ways in which we experience brokenness in our world and in our communities. We are feeling that keenly this year in particular as we bear witness to the horror of an unprovoked...[ read more ]

Rabbi Lauren Tuchman Interviewed in Lilith Magazine

From Moses To COVID: Rabbi Lauren Tuchman On Disability Inclusion


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