On Creating Holy Communities

Choosing to become a rabbi was a decision I made with an incredible amount of consideration and care. I wish to bring my particular passions, skillsets and knowledge to bear on some of the most important justice issues within the Jewish community and beyond it. Further, I believe strongly that the rabbinate and by extension cantorate must reflect the makeup of the Jewish community. In other words, centering marginalized voices and making space for marginalized perspectives enriches the rabbinate for us all. We are able to bring our Torah to the table of Jewish spiritual and halakhic discourse. Those rich and varied insights allow us to think about important issues with increased sensitivity and awareness. For example, I hope that my desire to do disability justice as a core part of my rabbinate won’t only mean that more Jewish communities are truly and deeply accessible in a holistic sense, but that we have Torah commentaries that center the multivocality of the disability experience, and perhaps we will one day have comprehensive halakhic works that address the real and frankly often isolating halakhic issues that arise for Jews with disabilities.

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