Torah From A Mussar Perspective Vayeshev 5782

The below commentary first appeared as part of Torah From A Mussar Perspective through the Mussar Institute.   Parshat Vayeshev contains within it the multi-faceted story of Judah and Tamar. Judah, Jacob and Leah’s fourth son, has journeyed away from his brothers and has married a woman named Shua with whom he has three sons. In time, Tamar marries Judah’s...[ read more ]

Grief, Mourning and Rage: A Spiritual Response and Call To Action for White Folks


In this audio teaching, I offer a response for this moment. Grief, Mourning and Rage: A Spiritual Response For This Moment

Terumah 5780

Parashat Terumah begins a series of parshiyot or Torah portions chiefly focused on the construction of the Mishkan or portable sanctuary for The Divine which the Jewish people carried with us in the desert. In the second verse of our parsha, we learn that all of the children of Israel are asked to contribute physical material gifts towards the Mishkan’s...[ read more ]

Bo 5780

This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Bo, contains within it some of the most famous incidents in the Torah. The final plagues of locusts, darkness and the death of the firstborn are mentioned, as well as the introduction of the Passover offering and the observance of Passover as an eternally relevant festival in the life and collective national memory of the...[ read more ]

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High Holidays Disabilities Inclusion Best Practices Webinar for Jewish clergy and educators


On Creating Holy Communities

Choosing to become a rabbi was a decision I made with an incredible amount of consideration and care. I wish to bring my particular passions, skillsets and knowledge to bear on some of the most important justice issues within the Jewish community and beyond it. Further, I believe strongly that the rabbinate and by extension cantorate must reflect the makeup...[ read more ]



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